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Episode 021: Storytime From Around The World! Part 2

December 4, 2017

So many of you loved Episode 18 - Storytime From Around The World, Part 1 … and wanted more! Of course we couldn’t not make Part 2 😉 

In this episode we tell some hair-raising stories from what could have been a deadly end to a tuk-tuk ride in India, and a drug-search in Bali! But we survived, phew …. and on a much lighter note, our first experience of ‘connecting with spirit’ in France. 

All up, get ready to travel and laugh with us as we share our adventures with you. 


Episode 018: Storytime From Around The World! Part 1

The most epic novel we've ever read! Shantaram

Instrumental music produced by Chuki


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  1. I also love the diversity in your channel, it’s true, life has its ups and downs and it’s lovely you share them all. It’s great how you feel the law of attraction is always with you, when you give out you receive back. So interesting hearing about the different cultures, you guys have seen and done so much in other countries. I can’t imagine the two of you used to be self centred, travelling can certainly open your mind and heart and it obviously had that impact on you both. It was interesting to hear of your experience at Lourdes, I know of a number of people who have been there and they all had a positive experience. Regardless of a person’s religious beliefs I think you would feel a good vibe being in such a place. Much like the difference going to a live concert as opposed to watching it on TV, the atmosphere is totally different and you get caught up in the vibe. I’ve never been to Bali, it was a place that never interested me after reading Chappel Corbys biography, scary what can happen there and like you say it can be out of your control regardless of if you’ve done anything or not. Shhhh this is just between us, I think if and when James ever gets married the wedding will be in Bali, I’m expecting a very casual bare foot beach wedding, so Bali might be on my agenda 😜 Really enjoyed hearing about your adventures, thanks Natasha and Luca for sharing ❤️

    1. Such a great comment Brenda! We actually just finished a Skype video call with James and we’re going to send him your comment to bring him a smile whilst he’s camped outside the slaughterhouse fasting 🙂 Much love xo

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