"Hi guys! I just wanted to send you guys this before and after of my eczema! There has been so much improvement I'm almost scared it's too good to be true! I've basically switched over to the Starch Solution over the course of two months and I could not be happier. My digestion is sooooo much better and my skin (including acne) is better. Like night and day. While my eczema is not completely gone yet, much of it has completely disappeared ... what's left is very manageable and with time I hope it continues to clear [the before photos of my eczema were taken on the day of our Skype coaching call] I am no longer itching at night instead of sleeping. I even forget about my eczema much of the time. Thank you so much for your help and support. You guys are inspirational and wonderful role models." - Lahna Vanderbush, USA


"After years of calorie restriction my weight was out of control. After seeing the best dieticians, nutritionists and doctors in Melbourne I felt like I was a lost cause. Christmas of 2015 I stepped on the scale to see that I weighed 155 kilos. I was in shock and realised I had to do something major or my life would be at risk. I had two tabs open on my computer screen and that was that vegan couple’s coaching or a gastric bypass, I am thankful that I chose the first option. I signed up for 7 days using money that my grandmother had sent me for Christmas and it was the best money I have ever spent! Natasha and Luca set up a program that was easy to follow and had the structure I needed to succeed. They both were amazing in helping me with any concerns or issues that I had and they have taught me how to eat again! Even though I only signed up for 7 days, I feel like it was a life changing experience and the weight has started to fall off. I would honestly recommend their programs to anyone, it has helped me regain control of my life and I can’t thank them enough." – Annie Ryan, Australia


"I came to Natasha and Luca for online coaching weighing 503 pounds. I wasn't looking for a quick fix to lose weight as I have been on every low carb calorie restrictive diet. I decided to go with the 7 day plan and it was literally the most eye opening week in my life. I learned how to finally eat and get full, how to use plant foods to cleanse my body of excess fat and junk (without doing juice fasts or smoothie cleanses), and understanding why eating plant based is optimal for our health. They will give you all the tools to succeed but you have to be open minded, let go of carbohydrate fears, and do the work. Any time I had an issue with the food or my body's reaction to the new lifestyle they gave me tips and suggestions that honestly worked. I was scared to eat so many calories and I expressed that to them.. they reassured me that I didn't get to 500 pounds from eating fruits , vegetables, rice, potatoes, and oats! After checking in with my doctor on day 8, I was down 11 pounds. However, please do not look at this as a quick way to lose weight. Look at it as a way to get your overall health back mentally and physically, and losing weight will eventually follow. I am going to recommend anyone who struggles with obesity like I am to try at least 7 days. I am going to do more coaching with them as well! - Maya, 28, USA


"My name is Debi. I am 61 years old and became committed to my vegan lifestyle on the 8th July 2015. This after decades of crazy eating and dieting, taking pills and laxatives intermittently, binge eating off and on, and truly being a food addict. I came across That Vegan Couple - otherwise known as Natasha and Luca couple extraordinaire!  I kept watching Natasha and Luca's videos and decided to hire them for the 30 day challenge (sometimes I am very smart!). It was the best decision I have ever made! They encouraged me with exercise, fine-tuned how I was eating, and really helped me get over my restrictive eating patterns from years of horrible dieting. They were supportive and kind with just enough push! I finished the challenge 31st August 2015. I lost 9 lbs in that month, 1 1/2 inches in my chest, waist, and hips, 2 inches in each upper arm, and dropped my triglycerides by 80 points! When I started this journey, I could only do 10 minutes on the treadmill and only about 4 laps in the pool before needing to rest. Now I swim for an hour-45 min of laps straight and can pretty easily do 45 minutes on the treadmill! I also was staying up until midnight or 1 am and ended up mostly going to bed by 10:30 pm and sleeping all night (which I have not done in years!). I feel happy and calm, and no anxiety. I was in pretty poor health (celiac, heart problems, daily chest pain) but knew I did not want to die an early death so changed my life. What a difference! I feel like a new person- I still have a ways to go with my weight and triglycerides, but know I will get there. None of this would have happened without the support and education of Natasha and Luca- they are so amazing! Warm and personable, funny and deeply passionate about their lifestyle- they changed me in so many ways. I can never thank them enough! I urge you to have them help you no matter where on this journey you are- it will be the best investment in your health ( mentally, physically, and emotionally) you will make, and you are worth it!" - Debi, USA


“My wife and I have worked under the guidance of Natasha and Luca on improving our diets and our lifestyles. We are delighted to advise that they have been a wonderful resource for us. Knowledgeable, supportive, hard-working, informative – and most of all, encouraging. We had already been vegan and naturally, enjoyed excellent health. What Natasha and Luca have done is educate us about why some foods are good for us, other foods are better and certain foods are best. They “leverage” what we already have in conjunction with what we are prepared to do. In so doing, they optimise the benefits by creating good, sustainable habits which cannot be done with dietary fads. Natasha and Luca are a most engaging couple who demonstrate exceptional commitment to their clients. They conduct themselves with utmost integrity and diligence. It is clear that they are extremely gifted educators. It is also clear that they are genuinely devoted to caring for their clients, all other sentient beings and for the environment. They have certainly been a powerful and positive influence on us. For this we are deeply grateful” - Philip and Trix Wollen, Australia


"I followed the program for 1 month by Natasha and Luca. For me it was/is important to eat more normal portions, and although I thought that is impossible, I did it! They focus on health. They gave me the quantities for the starch based meals that I ate so that I didn’t have to work out how much to eat. I appreciate their quick and extensive answers, they review your food diary very well, and they give you tips etc. Thank you for your help!" - Caro, Netherlands