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Episode 020: Do You Suffer From Vystopia?

November 20, 2017

Do you suffer from Vystopia? Perhaps you’ve never even heard of the term? Is there a cure for it? 
We discuss this and so much more with our special guest, vegan psychologist and author, Clare Mann.
Clare has been heavily involved in the Australian vegan and animal rights scene for many years now, and most recently she uploaded a semi-viral video on Facebook about what she calls “Vystopia”. This got our attention and we thought it would make for a fascinating topic to discuss and share with our audience.
Sure enough, it was an incredibly stimulating and thought provoking conversation that even exceeded our expectations, and offers our audience many great insights, tips, and strategies with which to feel empowered. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did.


Clare Mann, Vegan Psychologist


Vystopia Facebook Video

Vegan Voices (free app with resources and support for talking about veganism with non-vegans) 

Instrumental music produced by Chuki


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  1. Clare is so intelligent and such a lovely lady, we are so lucky to have her advocating for our animal friends. i can so relate to the conversation you had Natasha with your family, exactly the same thing with my family. I came to the conclusion that to remain friends with my sister then talking about veganism is out of bounds, but like you the conversation can just go in that direction. My sister sent me photos yesterday of a day trip she just had at a zoo with her grandchildren, I felt she was being insensitive to send photos taken at the zoo, if I was to reply to the photos and explain the cruelty involved with zoos then an argument would happen and our relationship would end. Very hard not being able to say how I feel about the photos, but if I was to do so I know we would fall out. On the weekend I attended the first vegan markets here in Sydney, it was such a buzz to be around so many vegans, I was on such a high. Then last night I did a cube of truth and I struggled with a couple of bystanders and their negativity, I’ve felt so down since. i love that Clare says it’s a righteous anger we display, it validates us vegans getting upset. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast guys, thanks so much for sharing. Sorry for the long comment ✌

    1. Thank you for the long comment! We hear, feel, and agree with you Brenda on everything you’ve expressed here. Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us and others here as always. Much love xo

  2. Wow guys… I just listened to this episode… what can I say… I will have a very difficult conversation with my parents today. It’s not necessarily about veganism or my veganism, it’s more about our family problems in general (although my veganism is a big part of this from my parent’s point of view). I lay awake last night not knowing how I will handle it. Now I know! The key is to ask questions – so simple, so good. “What is it like for you to hear you say that?” I wrote this question down, surely will use it. Thank you Clare, thank you Natasha, thank you Luca!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! Much love from Germany

    1. We know we speak for Clare when we say you’re welcome Tascha and we’re thrilled that we could help you in some way. Much love from us all xo

  3. Wow this is spot on. First few months of being vegan I felt extremely alone, isolated on such a deep level. This is the explanation.

  4. Very interesting episode! I’ve never heard anyone discuss veganism from psychological side like that. I’ve been vegan for more than a year now, and I’ve always felt like I should do more to raise the awareness but having a very non confronting personality, it’s been very difficult. I do want to change my personality though, it just doesn’t happen over night. Just put up my first vegan recipe on YouTube last week, happy to have taken the first steps towards spreading the word further than just in my household ^^

    1. So glad to hear you too found the episode interesting! “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and “Practice makes the master” are two sayings that come to mind regarding your vegan activism journey. Kudos to you for taking that first and most important step in your journey – well done!! If every vegan took that kind of initiative we’d fast achieve a vegan world 🙂

  5. I learned so much from that conversation. Totally mind blowing. I will soon be going back in to counselling and I am already worried about the reaction I will get when I eventually talk about being vegan and activism – if only I could see Clare, haha! Great work guy’s as always <3

    1. So glad to hear that you learned a lot Joanne. Perhaps you could contact Clare via her website (linked directly above in the notes for this episode) to see if she counsels remotely via Skype or something similar? Just a thought 🙂

  6. I found this so helpful and I have to thank you. This was such a rich conversation! I’m recently experiencing this feeling of dystopia and I’m struggling.. a few days ago I watched “chasing corals” on netflix which made me cry and grief for for hours fo the dying corals. It’s really hard to accept that many people don’t experience the same sensibility as me concerning animal’s lives. After listening to this I feel more motivated to finish my environmental sciences studies at Uni and become more active to fix and improve this and a lot more animal-cruelty related issues we have in this crazy world. So many topics and arguments you and the guest presented are just so enlightening! Excellent podcast 👌

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