NEW ‘Health and Lifestyle Guide’

Our new Health & Lifestyle Guide replaces the 1-on-1 online coaching services we used to offer.

This guide is simply the digitized version of our former coaching program. It contains all the information our coaching services included... and more.  The benefit of this format is that you have this information for life and can refer back to it whenever you need to.

What can this guide help you with?

  • -  Improving your health
  • -  Preventing, treating, and in some cases reversing disease
  • -  Weight loss
  • -  What to eat
  • -  Nutrition information
  • -  Fitness goals
  • -  Achieving your weight goals
  • -  Improving your sleep
  • -  Leading a balanced lifestyle
  • -  Motivation

What's in the guide? You can view the extremely comprehensive Table of Contents here.


Like most people, we too struggled with our health for many debilitating years. Between us, we suffered from candida, asthma, fatigue, constipation, poor digestion, allergies, eczema, chronic menstrual pain, hyperhidrosis, weak immune systems, and low libido. We have since healed all of these conditions. Today we are the happiest, healthiest, and fittest we have ever been in our entire lives, and we owe it all to consistently living all of the principles outlined in detail in this guide. This guide is the culmination of our extensive science backed research and personal experimentation with diet and lifestyle since 2009, as well as our experience coaching many tens of people since 2014.

Prior to this digitized guide, we successfully coached many people on this diet and lifestyle on a 1-on-1 basis. You can read testimonials from some previous people we have coached here. Even if you have none of the health issues we personally suffered from, this does not mean that this guide isn’t for you. When you breakdown the word “disease” we see that it is simply the body in a state of dis-ease. Most dis-eases have an inflammatory basis. And since the science backed diet and lifestyle outlined in this guide optimize the reduction of inflammation, they therefore can help prevent, treat, and in many cases even reverse, most dis-eases.

"I lost 9 lbs in that month, 1 1/2 inches in my chest, waist, and hips, 2 inches in each upper arm, and dropped my triglycerides by 80 points!"... read more testimonials here TESTIMONIALS