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Hi, we're Natasha and Luca "That Vegan Couple". We help people, animals, and the planet via our YouTube channel, other social media, podcast, and eBooks.
That Vegan Couple you see today is definitely not how we have always been. In the past, we had stressful careers in banking and media/ corporate communications, poor diets based on animal products and processed foods, drank a lot of alcohol, smoked cigarettes, suffered from many health problems, were dealing with serious personal and relationship problems, and were heading for divorce.
In our darkest hour we found comfort in the words “Leap and the net will appear” … we knew we had to regain control of our lives and make changes. After much soul searching, personal development, health experimentation and change, we came through a very challenging and dark period of our lives to now be able to help other people also work through their life situation and create a healthier and happier version of themselves.

Since deciding to make some changes back in 2007, we have created a life which has allowed us to live in many countries around the world and learn from different cultures and ways of thinking and living. We’ve adopted a minimalist lifestyle of owning only essential items. We have healed a myriad of health problems and are now in the best health and shape of our lives. We’ve also worked and volunteered in Thailand, India, Ecuador, Bali, and Australia in a variety of capacities including:
Online Health & Lifestyle Coaches
Yoga Teachers
Yoga and Health Retreat Leaders
Detox consultants
Reiki practitioners
English Teachers
Full time volunteers with orphaned, abandoned, abused, blind, and disabled children and young adults
Organic vegetable farm hands
Kitchen hands
We now focus on our work of helping people, animals, and the environment. Through our YouTube channel, other social media, podcast, and ebooks, we’ve had great success reaching a large, diverse, and international audience hungry for change and inspiration.